Sunday, October 23, 2011

My first Commissions!!!! for William A.

Since I started painting a few months ago I put some of my finished miniatures on e-bay just to see what would happen, not only have I sold quite a bit, but I've also had one of my buyers commission a whole set of Orks and recommended me to a friend that also bought a miniature, here are some pictures of the orks, The Boss and the Nobs are completely magnetized, also the Deffcoptas have the rotor magnetized, so the blades actually spin if you flick them with your finger.

Remember I am always eager to paint and do all sorts of stuff, so if you're looking for a painter, converter, magnetizer and/or LED lighter I'm your man.

First the Warboss.

Second the Nobs.

And finally the Boyz and the Coptas

Thank you, and see you next time.

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