Friday, October 28, 2011

Magnetized Space Marine Rhino / Razorback

Hey folks, it's me again, hope you enjoyed my previous posts, I sure enjoy sharing.

Today I am going to show you my magnetized Space Marine Rhino/Razorback, the paint job is kind of whack (I'm new at painting vehicles) but anyways I will soon strip it and re-paint it in full blood angel colors.

On this one I must have used aver 100 magnets but it was well worth it, every entry point is magnetized, the hatches are magnetized and the actually open, all the weapons and options are...  you guessed it.... magnetized!!!

here go the pictures, enjoy.

and remember I am available for commissions on Painting, Magnetizing & LED Lighting.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mephiston Lord of the Dead (Blood Angels Chief Librarian)

Hello friends, today I will show you one of my all time favorite warhammer 40k characters, Lord Mephiston, one of the baddest sobs in the game.

This one is actually already sold on e-bay to William's friend George, it was fully painted and magnetized to the base and backpack, to paint this one I loosely followed the directions set up buy on their Youtube Channel.

Enjoy, leave a comment, subscribe, share with your friends :) thank you.

And as always I am available for commissions on painting, magnetizing and LED lighting work.
just drop me an e-mail

Assault On Black Reach (my take)

Well, yet another edition of this great game called Warhammer 40K, this boxed set is a great improvement on the previous ones that I know, the figures are a lot more detailed than the 20 marines and orks ang gretchin that once came in a boxed set.  They're still not as good as buying the individual miniatures and at least the tactical squad and the captain come with distinguishable Ultramarine markings.

   This set I actually painted in my own depiction of Ultramarines, not following the exact color shades as the painters from GW use, I sold the captain and tactical squad on e-bay, and I am going to strip the terminators and dreadnought and re-paint it in my own Blood Angel color scheme, though I follow the codex for force organization and use the same miniatures I prefer to change things up a bit, paint them somewhat differently and give them their own background and fluff.  

   My army name is still primarily undecided, but it may be something like "Order of The Phoenix" or "Blood Phoenixes" or something along those lines.
  Anyway I digress, here are pictures of my AOBR Space Marines, some are magnetized.

Thank you for watching, see you next time.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My first Commissions!!!! for William A.

Since I started painting a few months ago I put some of my finished miniatures on e-bay just to see what would happen, not only have I sold quite a bit, but I've also had one of my buyers commission a whole set of Orks and recommended me to a friend that also bought a miniature, here are some pictures of the orks, The Boss and the Nobs are completely magnetized, also the Deffcoptas have the rotor magnetized, so the blades actually spin if you flick them with your finger.

Remember I am always eager to paint and do all sorts of stuff, so if you're looking for a painter, converter, magnetizer and/or LED lighter I'm your man.

First the Warboss.

Second the Nobs.

And finally the Boyz and the Coptas

Thank you, and see you next time.