Friday, February 24, 2012

A Leg Up On The Competition/ Sort of (Warhound Titan Update)

  Hello people, since I last posted about my DIY Warhound Titan, I've gotten a lot of hits on the blog, and a lot of curiosity from everyone surrounding me.

  Recently I believed I had a LEG up on the competition, but my structure was not stable, I was using the wrong kind of glue and just not being thorough enough, it was a bitch putting on the pistons on the toes and feet so I decided to tear most of it down and re-do it, I have now pinned all the pistons and used plastic welder on all the parts, I assume that the feet are the most difficult parts because they are the most intricate, so from now on everything should go a little faster.  here is an update picture I took on my cellphone today, enjoy.

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